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The twins hopped out of bed and went downstairs for breakfast before grabbing the list and heading out. “It's gonna take a while to cover all these guys,” Mabel pointed out. “I'm not even sure we'll reach the end of the list today.”

“We will,” Dipper replied. “I've run estimates of how much time we'll likely spend on this and we should be able to see everyone on the list by sunset.”

“Look at my bro right here,” she said giving him a playful punch in the shoulder. She pumped her fists in the air and shouted, “Super Nerd! Dadadaaaa!” Her brother chuckled and led the way into town as a truck came in and parked in front of the shack and a familiar face popped out the front seat. “Soos!” Mabel charged forward and knocked him down.
“Woah, hey I didn't know you dudes would be here. Good to see you,” Soos said. Mabel rolled off of him so he could get up. Unfortunately, he couldn't. Soos tried to jolt himself upward with no luck. The twins each took hold of one arm and helped him up. “Thanks dudes. You guys are the best.”

“No problem, Soos. Listen, we'd love to stick around, but we've gotta go catch up with everyone in town.” Soos nodded his head and headed in. “But hey, when we get back, Mabel's going to have a sleepover with Candy and Grenda. Maybe you and can hit up the town and do whatever?”

“You got it!”

After Soos shut the door behind him, Mabel and Dipper ran off towards town. Their first stop was the junkyard. “Old man McGuckett,” the twins called out. A raccoon burst from a pile of garbage with an old leather strap. Not too far behind, the rickety old loon of the town was chasing it down.

“Come back, I need that for my bed!” Mabel leaped at the raccoon and body slammed it. McGuckett snatched the leather strap from the raccoon and Mabel lifted herself off the little furry animal, letting it go. “Hey kids, you got here just in time! I heard them Gnomes'd be trampling up yer uncles!”

“Don't worry about that,” Dipper replied. “How've things been?”

“Well, the town ain't blown up...or burned down...or zombified...or floating in it's fine.”

“That's great,” Mabel said. “You haven't been trying to eat Waddles while we were gone, have you?”

“I promise I've only licked 'em.”

Dipper tugged on Mabel's sweater and pointed at the list. “Well, Mr. McGuckett, it was great catching up with you, but now we gotta catch up with everyone else,” Dipper said. “See ya.”

McGuckett retreated into his junk home and opened up the laptop. “They don't need this just yet. Let 'em have some fun while they can.”

Two Hours Later...

Dipper and Mabel were laughing as they strolled through the mall. “Oh man, those officers are still as crazy as ever!”

“So, Dip, who's next?” Mabel asked. Dipper pulled the list from his jacket and took a look at it.

“Pacifica Northwest,” he said. “Think she'll be around here?”

“It's the mall, so maybe.” The two of them strolled through, looking into every store and restaurant in the mall, but to no avail. “Well, she's not here.”

“Where could Pacifica be?” He got to thinking, but was soon given an answer.

“You're looking for Pacifica? Story of the century.” It was a black-haired girl wearing makeup and tan skin. She seemed all snooty and uptight. Someone Pacifica associates with? Or maybe someone her parents associate her with.

“Do you know where she is?” Dipper asked the girl.

“Yeah, she got grounded,” she answered. “She pushed some of her friends around in her own home for bashing on some poor kid. Pushing them around was one thing, but sticking up for commoners didn't click well with her daddy.”

The Pines twins turned to each other and Dipper popped out his phone. “Mabel, go grab some sodas. I need to make a quick call.”
“You got it, bro-bro!”

As soon as she ran off, he moved into the arcade and dialed in Wendy's phone number. “Hello, Wendy? Could you get everyone together? We've got business at the Northwest mansion.” After he finished talking to her, he hung up and slipped the phone back into his pocket. “Well, today's going to be a rough one. Story of my life.”

Mabel returned with a couple cans of Pitt soda. “So, what's the new plan, bro?”

“Well, you and I are going to be meeting up with Wendy later at the Northwest mansion gates. I've got a thing or two to do.”


Joshua Mackie
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Name: Joshua Dylan Mackie
Favorite Weapon: Swords and Bows
Favorite Snack: Snickers and Mtn. Dew
My Brother: :iconsamhain510:
My Best Friend: :icongamerofzerodeth:
My Most Used Character: :icondf-jacky2:
Favourite genre of music: J-Rock and Jazz
Favourite style of art: Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Natsu Dragneel and Edo-Natsu
People That I Miss Talking To: :iconhitoraki::iconsoulenite:
Chatroom Friends: :iconsketcher-taku::iconxyorutenshi::iconshining-link::iconjinjoohat::icontaytaykudo:
Skilled Deviant Artists That You Should Check Out: :iconmayunnaise::iconxyorutenshi::iconhitoraki::iconsrgrafo::iconladylexid::iconkirbopher15:

  • 1:Which roommate insists on having a "chore schedule"? Xavier Ivory Rush
  • 2:Which roommate actually follows the "chore schedule"? Haley Jet Moriarty, Jake Citrine Martin, and Xavier Ivory Rush
  • 3:Which roommate is constantly out of the room, partying? Inari Aka Dendo
  • 4:Which roommate always "borrows" things and doesn't give them back? Kanade
  • 5:Which roommate is the one who does all the dishes? Haley
  • 6:Which roommate puts more dirty dishes in the sink right when the dish-doer is almost done? Kanade
  • 7:Which roommate tries to hide a pet in the room, despite there being a no-pets rule? None of them
  • 8:Which roommate gets in trouble for their messy room being a fire hazard? Jake and Kanade
  • 9:Which roommate constantly brings over "friends" to the room without letting anyone know? None, surprisingly
  • 10:Which roommate treats the others to delivery pizza? Haley, Jake, and Kanade
  • 11:Which roommate decides to play loud music at 4 in the morning? None. They all respect each other's snooze time.
  • 12:Which roommate FINALLY convinces everyone that the laundry situation is out of control? Xavier and Jake
  • 13:Which roommate lets the others use their netflix account? Jake lends his Netflix account to Haley and Xavier
  • 14:Which roommate organizes the roomie "movie night"? Xavier and Kanade
  • 15:Which roommate leaves snarky post-it notes all around the room? None
  • 16:Which roommate pulls all-nighters to finish their school work? Xavier if missions make him fall behind on class work
  • 17:Which roommate puts the "ass" in "passive-aggressive"? Jake
  • 18:Which roommate writes their name over all their food in the fridge? None
  • 19:Which roommate eats any food regardless of who's name is on it? None
  • 20:Which roommate puts an empty milk-carton back into the fridge? None
  • 21:Which roommate has a secret stash of junk food in their room? Inari. She loves candy bars
  • 22:Which roommate finally gets fed up and cleans the bathroom? Xavier
  • 23:Which roommate cooks a special home-cooked meal for finals week? Jake and Haley
  • 24:Which roommate cooks a special energy-drink cocktail for finals week? None
  • 25:Which roommate is the most emotional when it's time for them all to move out? Haley
Jeez, there was a lot of Kanade in this list.
  • Listening to: Blue Desire - Faylan
  • Reading: Homestuck
  • Watching: Cinemasins
  • Playing: Final Fantasy - 1 & 2 - Dawn of Souls
  • Eating: Stuffed Eggplants
  • Drinking: Melk X3

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